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company held a special meeting themed "new years expectation and plan"
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the dawn of 2015 is approaching ,at the endof 2014 which is full of difficulties and honed, mr. meng guangbing , chairmanof the board, chaired the meeting on the theme "new years expectation andplan". at the meeting, everyone spoke enthusiastically, and discussed theadvantages and disadvantages of us, analyzed and forecasted the trend of marketand development ,offered their suggestions for companys development in 2015. afterdiscussion, company determined to insist on the policy of "low-volume ,high-quality"in the course of development in 2015.specific practice is: decrease production50% in the basis of 2013 and 2014,committed to improve product quality, enterthe high-end market ,raise the product price and profitability. all staffunderstood and supported the companys development plan, and will beimplemented strictly. dongsheng, the deputy director of jinan customs, came to company for investigation with others next: company held a signature activities: "quality is in my mind, i am the owner of the quality" on jan 0
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