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trisodium citrate dihydrate
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trisodium citrate dihydrate

trisodium citrate anhydrous

appearance: white or colorless crystallineparticles or powder

chemical formula: na3c6h5o7

packaging: 25kg plastic paper composite bag orthree layer kraft paper bag, 500kg, 1000kg polypropylene container packagingand multi specification packaging which could meet customer’s needs.

main uses: it is widely used in food, beverageand perfume industry as flavoring agents, preservatives,preservatives, buffers and chelating agents. it can be used to preventrancidity agent in dairy products, as nutritional supplements and emulsifier ofbuttermilk, gelling agent of jelly and juice, emulsifier and stabilizer of cheeseand ice cream, etc… it is used as antioxidants, plasticizers and detergents inthe chemical industry, cosmetics industry and washing industry. it is used as anticoagulantsin pharmaceutical industry. and it can also be used in chemical, leather,printing, non-toxic plating and atomic energy industries.

storage: keep in a cool, dry, ventilated andclean place, avoid storing with poisonous, peculiar smell, corrosive andcolored powder.

quality standards
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